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Play Color Eggs



Живешь вдали от России? Иногда скучаешь по Родине?

Тогда посети сайт www.geom3d.ru и загрузи программу для своего Windows Phone на русском языке.


More than a viewer

Purchased a 3D printer? It's cool! Now you can produce almost any desired item. On the modern 3D printer you can grow almost everything.

To create a computer 3D models that are easily grown on 3D printer, you can use the proposed to your attention very simple to use app GenSTL.

All you need is to select the model from the library and set the required dimensions, as well as the desired accuracy, defining model quality. Next, click "Generate", and the computer model is on your screen.

Created model can be exported to an external file (STL or OBJ) which can be sent to a 3D printer.

Library of available shapes is constantly updated along with the regular release of successive versions of the program.